This is the Services page. It is intended to work as an index to my activities and projects outside the research community. I will try to list the open-source projects, services, and activities in which I have been involved in this page.

1) First 3D Tag Cloud for Android Devices

This is the first 3D Tag Cloud implemented for Android devices. Such a Tag cloud is intended to visualize the existing tag data in 3D and will allow the users to interact with it. We are happy to announce that this is an open-source project and can be used freely.

A tag cloud is a visual representation of text data. It consistes of several Tags arranged next to each other in plane or in space. Tags are usually single words or phrases and in most cases, the size of each tag is related to its importance with respect to the others. A well-designed tag cloud is useful for quickly perceiving the most prominent terms in the context. While 2D tag clouds are the most popular ones in many applications usch as summarizing a web page content, in recent years 3D tag clouds have become popular as well. Figure below shows a sample 3D tag cloud developed for Word Press called WP-Cumulus:

Although there are a few free implementations of tag clouds for web development purposes, there is no knwon 3D tag cloud development for Android devices. As a result, we focused on creating a 3D tag cloud for Android operating system.

The developed 3D Tag cloud is part of the Tagin! project. Tagin! is an open source, location tagging engine that may be used to create indoor location-based services (LBS) and applications. Figure below show the final implementation of the 3D Tag Cloud for the Android Devices:

More details about the development of the 3D Tag Cloud is available on the development page and can be accessed through here.
Source code can also be accessed through the Tagin project through here

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